We understand the importance of home ownership.  Through our program, together we can make your dream a reality!

We combine loyalty, honesty, integrity and professionalism in our effort to help you achieve home ownership.  We're real people making a difference, one home owner at a time!


Coming Soon!

We are pleased to announce our new revolutionary home ownership program in Los Angeles.  Our goal is to provide "moc" home ownership through a rent to own format where selected candidates will learn the nuts and bolts of owning a home while saving for their very own home purchase.  Participants will move into this 2bed 1bath home for a period of 6 - 18months.  During this time, they will pay monthly: utilities, mortgage, and maintenance.  This will simulate home ownership where participants have to budget their finances, and tackle the routine maintenance associated with owning a home.  Our team has over 18 years of experience and expertise along with priceless contacts for contractors and tradesmen.  In the end, we plan to equip all participants with the know how to not only purchase a home, but to maintain home ownership for years to come.